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Cats might be fussy about what they eat, the place they sleep, who can pet them, and most positively about the place they do their enterprise. Choosing the proper cat litter will encourage your feline pal to make use of her litter field, to not point out make your job cleansing that field a lot simpler.

However there are a lot of differing types and types of cat litter, and it may be robust to type the nice from the unhealthy. What makes an excellent cat litter? Which sort is true to your cat? What options do you have to be on the lookout for?

We goal to reply all of your questions with our thorough buying information. Or save time and purchase with confidence by choosing from high selections.

Most cats are inclined to choose unscented, pure cat litters with out odor-control components.

Varieties of cat litter

Clumping clay litter

Often made out of bentonite clay, this kind of litter types clumps when your cat urinates. It was the most well-liked sort of cat litter, however due to newer advances in litter know-how, this kind is now one of many extra primary selections.


  • It’s straightforward to wash; you simply must take away the feces and clumps of urine.
  • Should you‘re on a funds, this litter tends to be the least costly of all clumping varieties.
  • It’s straightforward to take away all of the urine, so this litter tends to not scent an excessive amount of between full adjustments.


  • This litter is dusty. Many consultants imagine that inhaling the silica mud from this litter is probably unhealthy to your cat, and it might even be carcinogenic.
  • This litter isn’t eco-friendly as a result of it should be thrown within the trash; plus, the clay itself is collected by way of strip mining.
  • It sticks to your cat’s toes, which implies she will then observe it all around the home.

Non-clumping clay litter

Non-clumping clay litter is very like the clumping model besides it would not type clumps when it will get moist.


  • That is the most cost effective possibility available on the market.


  • The mud may very well be carcinogenic, and your cat goes to breathe in no less than a short time doing his enterprise.
  • This litter is extraordinarily heavy when dry and much more so when used.
  • Since it will possibly‘t be flushed or composted, this litter leads to the landfill.
  • Clay is strip-mined, which harms the atmosphere.
  • This litter sticks to your cat’s toes, which implies he can observe it by the home.

Product in depth

World’s Finest Cat Litter Fast Cat Clumping Formulation

Litter for eco-friendly felines

World’s Finest Cat Litter is made out of corn and different pure plant elements, all of that are sustainable. And the litter is flushable and compostable (however cat feces must be disposed of within the trash). Because it‘s mainly dust-free, this litter superb for felines with respiratory points.

Clumping pure fiber litter

Urine clumps on this litter, similar to in clumping clay litter, however this kind is made out of pure plant fibers, corresponding to corn, wheat, or walnut shells.


  • It’s straightforward to scoop out all of the urine from this litter, which assist to regulate odors.
  • The enzymes naturally contained within the fibers assist management odors.
  • This litter is biodegradable, so it may be composted and sometimes flushed (nevertheless, in each cases, you should throw the cat feces within the trash).
  • One bag lasts considerably longer than the identical dimension bag of clay cat litter.
  • This litter is lighter and due to this fact simpler to take care of than clay litter.


  • This litter might be dusty, however the mud is not probably carcinogenic just like the silica mud in clay litter.
  • As a result of it is light-weight, it will possibly stick with your cat’s toes and simply be tracked by the home.

Non-clumping pure fiber litter

Non-clumping pure fiber litter is made out of pure, plant-based elements (together with wooden and paper) and should are available in granule or pellet type.


  • Pellet sorts of this litter are just about dust-free.
  • This eco-friendly litter is compostable and tends to be made out of waste merchandise.
  • Most forms of this litter don’t observe simply.


  • This litter could have extra of an odor as a result of it is tougher to take away all of the urine from it.
  • Some cats do not like the texture of pellet forms of litter beneath their paws.

Silica gel litter

Silica gel cat litter is made out of a crystallized model of sodium silicate, such as you discover in these small, moisture-absorbing packets tucked inside sure foodstuffs, sneakers, and different merchandise.


  • Silica gel is extremely absorbent – an essential high quality in cat litter.
  • This litter is economical; a small bag lasts a very long time.
  • This litter incorporates little or no mud.
  • It is extremely low upkeep; you needn’t take away the urine – simply scoop the feces and stir the crystals.


  • This litter might be messy, particularly in case your cat’s a digger (image lots of of tiny beads of silica rolling throughout your ground).
  • Not all cats will use silica gel litter.

Cat litter options to contemplate

  • Scent

Some cat litters are scented to assist masks the scent of urine and feces, however a litter field should not scent a lot in case you‘re scooping it commonly. If odor is a giant subject, you would possibly must step up your cleansing recreation. The scent of scented cat litter might be extra offensive than the scent of urine – to each cats and their house ownersand might even put some cats off utilizing their litter field.

  • Odor management

Some cat litter incorporates additional odor-absorbing elements, however we might typically suggest choices with out. Many fussy cats do not like litter with these additional elements, and in case you want additional odor-absorbing properties out of your cat litter, you may not be cleansing the litter field typically sufficient.

  • Monitoring

Cat litter that sticks to your cat’s paws can get tracked all around the home. This tends to be extra of an issue with granulated types of cat litter, although not all granulated litter is well tracked. Until you like to vacuum, we might suggest on the lookout for a cat litter that isn’t simply tracked.

  • Mud

The mud in some forms of cat litter is extra benign than others. Mud from pure fibers might be innocent in small doses, whereas silica mud from clay-based litter has the potential to trigger well being points. Whichever sort of litter you select, it is best to search for low-dust choices.

  • Consolation

Your cat’s comfort might be considered one of your issues. You need him to not solely use his litter field but additionally be comfy utilizing it. Your cat is prone to do his enterprise wherever however within the litter field if he finds it uncomfortable. Similar to people, cats all have their very own preferences, however most cats choose clumping litter that feels smooth beneath their paws reasonably than arduous or lumpy.

Cat litter costs

It may be robust to check the value of cat litter as a result of it is offered in containers and luggage of various sizes, and a few varieties last more than others.

To make issues clearer, we’re evaluating the value per pound.

Even so, it is price noting that you will use a lot much less of some forms of cat litter than others, so a pound-for-pound comparability is simply approximate.

  • Yow will discover cat litter for as little as 40 to 50 cents per pound.
  • Excessive-end biodegradable or silica choices can price as a lot as $1.50 to $2 per pound.


  • Think about your cat’s age. Tremendous-grained cat litter is not appropriate for kittens beneath three months previous as a result of they’ll inhale the small particles, inflicting sickness.
  • Take cues out of your cat. Cats are fussy creatures, so they may not just like the litter you have chosen even when it is the most effective available on the market. In case your cat is pleased with a specific sort or model of cat litter, it is best to keep it up.
  • Do not change manufacturers too shortly. When switching from one sort of cat litter to a different, it is best to step by step combine in slightly extra of the brand new litter with the previous every day to acclimate your cat to it.
  • Think about putting a mat beneath your cat’s litter field. In case your cat tends to kick out plenty of litter, a mat beneath the field may help maintain the mess in test.


Q. How typically do I would like to wash my cat’s litter field?

A. A cat likes her litter field stored spotless, so you want to be sure you clear it commonly. You might want to scoop out any feces and clumps of urine (in case you use clumping litter) no less than a few times a day, however ideally after each time your cat makes use of the litter field. You will additionally must utterly empty the field and refill it twice weekly for non-clumping litter and no less than as soon as each two to 4 weeks for clumping litter.

Q. What ought to I do if my cat is reluctant to make use of his litter field?

A.  Your cat could refuse to make use of his litter field for plenty of causes. If he is doing his enterprise elsewhere, strive any or the entire following.

  • Get him a bigger or deeper litter field.
  • Put roughly litter within the field.
  • Clear out his litter field extra typically.
  • Attempt a distinct sort of cat litter.
  • Place your cat’s litter field in a extra simply accessible spot.

In case your cat nonetheless will not use his litter field and/or appears to be experiencing ache when urinating, take him to the vet. He may have bladder stones or one other medical drawback.

Q. How a lot cat litter ought to I put within the litter field?

A. You would possibly assume that extra is at all times higher, however most cats like not more than two to 3 inches of litter of their field, and a few choose much less.

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